Carol Tan

Carol Tan is an Educational Consultant and Teacher with more than 15 years of experience working with pre-schools and primary/elementary schools. Her teaching career spans across Singapore, China and Myanmar, and she has worked with students of wide varying abilities and backgrounds. Carol is passionate about developing each child’s full potential through a well-rounded educational program that exposes the students to a variety of physical, sensorial, cognitive, exploration, discovery and social activities.

Carol started teaching in a private pre-school in Singapore in 1999. She then further her studies in Australia where she graduated Bachelor Degree in Applied Psychology from University of Southern Queensland. She has taught at AWWA School in Singapore and was the Lead Teacher at Sunshine International Learning Center in Beijing China.

Recent years, she runs her own private educational services to support families with children with special needs and training of special education para-educators in Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia. She also teaches under the Ministry of Education Singapore Focused Language Assistance in Reading (Flair) program that aims to lay a strong oral-aural foundation in the English language for kindergarten children.

Carol has received much appreciation from parents and school teachers for her dedicated support. She was featured a number of times on Singapore media, including Today newspapers and FM95.8 radio show.

Carol believes that education is not only about imparting knowledge, it’s also about building character and empowering each child to be a curious and enthusiastic life-long learner.